Cape Horn circumnavigation on S/Y Sonabia
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Last updated 2020 01 14

Sailing expedition to Cape Horn from Puerto Williams, Navarino Island, Chile, on the sailing yacht Sonabia.

Puerto Williams                                    Beagle Channel, West

                                     Cape Horn (Isla Hornos)
WARNING - Since February 2017, the Chilean Navy does not allow foreign yachts to engage commercial activities. You can exclusively sail to Cape Horn as a crew member and/or as a member of a non-profit association, but NOT as a passenger.

Our yacht Sonabia sails around Cape Horn since 2012. Sonabia is based in Puerto Williams, Navarino Island). Every year, Sonabia sails  around Cape Horn during the austral summer. This year, the season starts earlier (mid-october).

Our sailing model is different from other boats: we don't sail at fixed dates. We wait for a favorable weather, so that we can sail safely. This explains our success rate: 95% of the times we could round the Cape.

There are generally 3-4 weather windows every month, i.e., staying 8 to 10 days in Navarino provides a fair probability to sail towards Cape Horn.

While you are in Puerto Williams,  you can hike (circuits from a few hours to several days), ride bicycle, do kayaking, take a walk or simply enjoy one of the most beautiful and preserved places in the world.

The trip to Cape Horn typically lasts 4-5 days, stopping every night in a fishing port (Puerto Toro) or in a Caleta (sheltered mooring). At the right time, we round  the Horn Island, crossing the line between Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Route Puerto Williams - Cape Horn

The landscapes are gorgeous.
Horn Island is impressive. The Wollaston archipelago (to which Horn Island belongs) is free from human presence, shaped by the sea and the wind. The wildlife is abundant (seals, whales, dolphins, penguins, albatros...).

When? from October to March.

Weather? variable, sometimes "4 seasons in one day". When rounding the Cape, the conditions vary from calm and sunny to 35 knots wind and 3.5m waves (only if the crew wants heavy weather). 

How long? minimum 2 weeks for the complete trip, i.e., 8-10 days in Navarino Island.

How many people? Between 1 and 4 crews (ideally 2-3 people)

Budget? Round trip to Puerto Williams + sailing + stay in Puerto Williams for the remaining days. More information: contact us

Legal aspects. Sonabia is affiliated to the non-profit association

Feel the Cape Horn

Sailing around Cape Horn, 2018 12 05. Courtesy of Lluis Soler

Rounding Cape Horn on Sonabia 2018 12 05

Cape Horn 2018 12 22. with animal photographer Jerry Swift.

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