Sailing yacht Sonabia 
 FRA sonabia-fra ESP

Prepared for Tierra del Fuego. Seaworthy, lightweight and safe.

2016 01 12 - At anchor, Puerto Williams


Model RM1050, 
Architect Marc Lombard
Shipyard Fora Marine
Construction 2007.
Preparation for Tierra del Fuego: 2012, then 2015

Passengers and autonomy

Capacity for sailing in Tierra del Fuego: 
5 persons + skipper:  4 days
3 persons + skipper: 7 days.

Capacity offshore
2 persons: above 30 days
single handed: above 70 days

Sailing zones: no limit (construction category A, equipment category I)

Architecture and construction


Plans. Lateral and front views.

2013 06 25 - Technical zone, Hendaye.

Dimensions: 10.50 m. x 3.95 m., draft 1.60 m,
Displacement: empty 4.7 tons, loaded < 6 tons, TRG ~8 Moorsom Tons.
Hull: plywood epoxy, 5 chines.
Deck: composite (fiberglass polyester, sandwich on pilot house).
Twin keels (cast iron, 800 kg each), one rudder

Sails and rigging

Plans. Sail configuration.

1 mast (sloop)
Sails: genoa 1 reef +  furled stay sail + main sail, full battens, 4 reefs.  
Sail surface
normal configuration ~ 65 m2 (main sail + genoa) 
heavy weather ~20 m2 (main sail 4 reefs + staysail)

Preparation details
- reinforced montage on shrouds and stays, swageless terminals + mechanical fuse on top
- spare halyards and pulleys mounted permanently
- recovery lines on main sail and genoa (allow recovering the sails even in the strongest winds), 
- bridle on boom and genoa pole (prevents shocks and unwanted gybes)
- reinforced lazy jacks and sail battens


Volvo Penta 30 HP. Sail drive, 2 blades Volvo propeller.
Average fuel consumption: 2 L. / hour at 5 knots.
Tank capacity: 2 x 130 L.
Dual control panel, inside and outside.


Solar panels 2 x 100w back contact technology, 2 positions, flat or 60o inclination.


Main anchor: 20 kg. + 60 m. high resistance chain and shackles (10 mm. grade 40).
Spare anchor 16 kg + 10 m. high resistance chain.
Shore lines:  250 m. (100 m. floating line 18 mm., 100 m.+ 50 m. lines 18 mm. polyester).
Tender AD, capacity 3 persons


External + internal steering. Cockpit: cockpit tiller, cabin: joystick.
Autopilot Raymarine ST6002, with dual control (cockpit+cabin) + remote control
Complete spare pilot ready to mount


Plans. Interior

Dining room                                  Rear cabin                                  Front cabin

Sea berth                                    Kitchen                                      Bathroom

Chart table & instruments           Windshields                              Heating: stove

Sleeping: 2 cabins + 2 sea berths in dining room. 
Mattresses made of marine foam 10cm thick, pillows, sleeping bags and sheets.
Toilet room equipped with sea WC, sink and removable shower.
Heating: 1 fuel stove (Refleks 66) + engine heater (radiator + electric fan).  
Cooking: alcohol stove + portable powerful gas burner

Warm water: 30 L. tank heated by engine and/or 220 V. ground connection.
Sea water on kitchen sink
Water tank capacity: 2 x 250 L.

Preparation details 
- Ceiling lamps with LEDs distributed to provide a warm light. 
- Individual reading lamps on each bed and berth.
- Wall  insulation: 10 mm. PE foam anywhere
- Roof insulation: 10 mm. PE foam leaving a 10 mm. air layer
- Double glazing on portlights. 
- Anti-condensation layer below mattresses and seats (ultra light polycarbonate honeycomb)
- Ventilation holes of all closed compartments (storage, below beds, etc).
- All closets  shut by elastic lacing  (lighter, dryer and more usable at sea). 



Plans - Deck

2015 10 06 - Hendaye                                                           2016 03 20 - Puerto Williams

Preparation details
Deck cover: anti slippery material (sand+rubber paint), including any protruding surface.
Stratified foot rests higher than original, to reinforce the deck-hull junction (originally weak).
Stratified textile chainplates (to secure sails, kayaks, jerrycans etc.)
Simplified deck gear selected for robustness and ease of maintenance
Dog house made of polycarbonate panels, laced with technora elastic rope (flexible structure).

Deck safety

Sidelines 10 mm. dyneema-polyester.
Textile handles wherever needed.
Safety straps at the mast and crossing the cockpit.
Safety net at the rear of cockpit (original configuration: open)
Deck lifelines: 10 mm. dyneema-polyester, elevated and centered.
Marking: reflective + luminescent material on each safety element


GPS: Furuno + portable GPS +  spare GPS.
Instruments: Raymarine (wind, speed, depth) complete spare set ready to mount.
Weather: barograph WIB2.
Detectors: radar (Mer Veille) + AIS detector Ciel & Marine
Navigation: netbook + open source software, spare netbook ready to mount.
Connections: Sea Talk + NMEA183+ serial-usb ports.
Standalone instruments: barometer, thermometer, clock
Communications: Fixed and portable VHF, 2 Iridium satellite phones.
Emergency: EPIRB with integrated GPS Mc Murdo Smartfind.


Deck: elevated centered deck lines, rest straps, handles, marking (see above).
Communications: beacon and satellite phones (see above).
Fire: 2 fire extinguishers + fire blanket
Medical: first aid box 
Crew: life raft Viking Resc You.
Personal: life jacket, self-rescue tether, omni-anchoring belt for each crew.
Other: self-service watertight clothing, warm hats and gloves.

From our company

Products and supplies from our company used on board. 


KD4S, 4mm dyneema with anti-shafing protection: genoa hanks

KD4M, standard 4mm dyneema: main sail fasteners, miscellaneous blocks and friction rings.

KD6, heavy duty, 6mm dyneema  (custom size): fastener of mainsail topping lift.

KLA2.., stretchable technora elastic 2.7mm:  deck hatches closing, flags fasteners (on shrouds and halyards)... Inside: floor hatches, closets (lacing instead of doors), removable double glazing of portlights, curtains fasteners ...

2.7mm technora elastic: tensioners for side lifelines, strap handles, transom safety net, dog house (lacing of polycarbonate panels), closings of cockpit hatches....

6mm technora polyester: main sail cars, shock absorbers for genoa sheets, shrouds of wind generator mast (combined with dyneema braid), tiller holder, etc.

All mattresses and seats: insulating layer held with velcro(r) on lower part.
Shelves and any flat storage surface: removable insulating layer on top.


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FRA sonabia-fra ESP